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    From 1988 through 2008, voters nationwide approved nearly $54 billion for park, open space, and other conservation purposes. Despite substantial funding for land protection, there has not been a book available to guide officials as they implement voter mandates, until now. The Conservation Program Handbook was researched and written in response to numerous requests to The Trust for Public Land from community leaders seeking guidance with how to effectively and efficiently conserve iconic local landscapes.

    The Conservation Program Handbook provides all the information that conservation professionals need to initiate or evaluate a local conservation land acquisition program. The Handbook compiles and distills advice from a nationwide study of successful conservation efforts and includes a list of best practices for the most critical issues conservationists can expect to face. With useful, accessible information on how to make sound conservation choices in the best possible manner, The Conservation Program Handbook will increase the amount, quality, and pace of conservation being achieved by local governments across America.

    Sandra J. Tassel is president of Look at the Land, Inc., a private conservation consulting firm based in Maryland. She has been involved in land conservation throughout her career. Prior to becoming a consultant, Tassel was the director of The Trust for Public Land's Colorado office and a founding board member of the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts.

    The Trust for Public Land helps communities take action on parks and land conservation by providing objective advice based on extensive experience, the latest technology and analytical frameworks, and a proven approach to realizing parks and conservation goals. Visit tpl.org/services for more information.