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    People long for a sense of community in today's fast-paced world, for connections to one another and to natural places of peace and beauty. Quietly, and for more than twenty years, a growing network of community trails, riverfront parks, forests, farms, gardens, and other green spaces has begun to satisfy this hunger, offering welcome refuges in neighborhoods, rural towns, and cities across the country.

    Benefits of these special projects begin to accrue even in the early planning stages when likely-and unlikely-partners come together around a common purpose. Along the way citizens discover untapped leadership abilities in themselves and cultivate enduring friendships with others.

    Written from a practitioner's perspective, Groundswell features a community forest in the Northwest; a river restoration in New York City's Bronx; collaboration with ranchers along the Rocky Mountain Front; community supported agriculture in the Midwest; rural economic development in the South and the author's own experience in growing Portland Trails, a vibrant urban land trust in the Northeast. As the stories show, this is complex, collaborative, and entrepreneurial work-difficult at times, yet intensely satisfying. This book will inspire you, especially if you have the passion and energy to make a difference in your community.

    You will find that this book:

    • Makes tangible the notion of "community building"
    • Shows how community building really works in the hands of citizens and volunteer leaders
    • Reveals the "kindred spirit" qualities common in those who make the projects happen
    • Celebrates the role of land conservation in preserving community character, building individual character, and connecting people
    Author: Alix W. Hopkins
    Publisher: The Trust for Public Land
    Cover Type: Paper
    Pages: 208 pages, 7 5/8 x 10

    About the author:

    Alix W. Hopkins has worked in land conservation for more than twenty years. During the 1990s she was founding executive director of Portland Trails, the urban land trust in Maine. She lives on an old farm in Pownal, Maine, and currently serves as co-president of the Pownal Land Trust and as a board member of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, and several other community-oriented nonprofits.