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Conservation Finance Handbook: How Communities are Paying for Parks and Land Conservation


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Between 1996 and 2002, The Trust for Public Land helped communities design and pass ballot measures that raised more than $28 billion to fund parks and open space across the country. With growth and sprawl rapidly overtaking their open lands, communities are voting in record numbers to put money aside for conservation. Voters are coming to recognize the interrelationship between conserved land, a safe environment, a strong economy, and a livable community. Well-designed finance measures that reflect the unique conservation needs and funding capacities of their communities have a much better chance of passing.

Writer Kim Hopper and The Trust for Public Land's team of conservation finance experts have put together a soup-to-nuts handbook on park and conservation funding. Designed for community leaders and involved citizens, local government officials and conservation professionals, this how-to guide explains the complex process of securing federal, state, and private conservation funds and-most importantly-researching, designing, and passing a local, voter-approved conservation finance measure. This book covers a range of campaign issues, from fundraising to field organizing to legal considerations.
Author:Kim Hopper & Ernest Cook
Publisher: The Trust for Public Land
Cover Type: Paperback
Pages: 156 pages, 6 x 9
About the author:

A consultant who specializes in research, media, and public affairs, Kim Hopper is a former White House press aide and veteran of local, state, and national political campaigns.
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